Property is the basis of any business. This is why if you are going to do business in Internet you should be anxious of acquiring such property.

The first and major representation of the Internet property is an Internet site. A site is software functioning on a special computer connected to Internet round the clock (a so-called server). Like any property sites can be simple providing only brief information of the owner and the direction of his activity and complex, multi-functional. Simple sites are as a rule passive that is you should enter changes directly into the program and copy is on the server. Complex sites are as a rule active? That is all information reflected on the screen is saved in a special database. The information can be changed by the owner himself or by an employed administrator through a complex of special administrative pages invisible to the visitor in natural form. Active sites include the sites for wholesale trade (for example, charter exchanges for international carriages (for example,, retail shops, etc. Beside using the databases, active sites can use special program for receiving payments from credit cards or specialized payment system, communication facilities (forums and chats), news information, etc.

The second representation of the Internet property is the site name, called “address” which is not completely correct. It is not completely correct because the same name can be transferred to various servers located in different parts of the world. Actually the name as it is not a property, it is leased with the right of unlimited prolongation until the leasing is paid for. The choosing of the name is an important factor combining the company’s brand and the expected zone of customers coverage. For example, the brand “Star Ukraine” operating in Odessa has registered the name; the large plant

“Telecard” distributing the production all over Ukraine has leased the name; a specialized company importing equipment from many countries of the world has leased the name It is essential that the e-mail address should match the site name, for example for the site of the Odessa server

The real cost of the Internet property can be significantly increased if the site is visited by purposeful audience. To attain the necessary level of visiting it is desirable first of all that the site name and e-mail be present on all advertising products of the company. In the second place the site should be registered in the maximal number of search machines and resources catalogues. Electronic distribution to segmented database of potential clients and partners, purposeful banner advertising on other sides are also effective.

The real value of the property can be decreased by unqualified design (if the functional element is not constructed, if the site is overloaded with decorations to the detriment of functionality and the rate of loading), by wrong location of the site (low cost to the detriment of functionality and availability from various zones of the region and the world), by unqualified registration in search machines. And the most important thing is unqualified administration.

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