The specific feature of the all  sites were developed by our Studio is their flexibility, i.e. :

  • the content of the site pages is stored in the database;
  • each page is generated «on the fly» with the help of special program, which is placed on the server with the site;
  • each page content and menu may be changed with the help of special administrative forms hidden from visitors;
  • the entrance to administrative forms is locked by access passwords; so, the site modification can be made without programmers and designers.
  • color and composition of the sites should  satisfied each customer.

The sites been developed by the Studio can be divided  on four main categories:

  • informational portals;
  • internet — shops;
  • corporative presentational sites;
  • catalogs of resources;
  • educational portals.

Informational portals are represented by the International marketplace TradeInfo, cargo freight portal CargoIinfo and marriage site ViktoriyasAgency. These sites suggests such functions as: placement and show of lead (trade, cargo, transports, personal) ; information on cooperation and services; customer registration; online payment; columns of  news; search; automatic selection of the site language; chargeable e-mail distribution and so on.

The administrative forms lets control users, content (news, banners, other information), moderate leads, change settings of the site, control payment and statistics.

Assistance to International wholesale trade

Assistance to International cargo transportation